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Line cook job description

  • Prepares all the food items as directed in a sanitary and timely manner.
  • He/she also follows recipes, controls, portion, and presentation specifications as set by the restaurant.
  • A Line Cook also assumes 100% responsibility for quality of the products that is served.
  • He/she is also responsible for performing other related duties as assigned by the manager.
  • Following proper plate presentation and garnish set up for all dishes is also done by a Line Cook.
  • He/she is also tasked to track and report any food waste.
  • A Line Cook must also handle, store and rotate all the products properly.
  • All Line Cooks are assigned to prepare dishes for costumers with food allergies or intolerance's.

Line cook skills and specifications

  • Understanding orders clearly and basic culinary skills
  • Ability to work swiftly and efficiently
  • Good sense of taste and smell
  • Ability to perform any function around the kitchen
  • Must be able to deliver high quality work
  • Knowledge about the different cooking equipment and ingredients
  • Ability to remain balanced and work under emergency situations and pressure
  • Ability to work well in a group
  • Ability to stand in hot places all day long

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